The mind person is that entity in between your reality and your imaginations or you can say the physical realm and the spiritual realm.It is important we understand that the mind person has sensing organs just like our physical body,that is why the mind person can see and also be blinded too,it can be happy and it can be unhappy too,it can be fed and it can be hungry too,it can receive and can also reject too. It can grow and also the growth can be stunted.

It is of a necessity that you understand who the mind person is,for effective and productive communication. Do not misunderstood this,the mind person is not a whole new separate being from your whole being NO!. It is part of the whole being but with different and specific functionalities. Man is Tripartite in nature –>Man is a spirit that has a soul and body. It means the whole of man involve three parties that has different functionalities.I won’t go in too deep here to explain this now,maybe some other time,because our concentration here is on the mind person.

THE Soul is your MIND,WILL and EMOTIONS, but the other two is controlled by the Mind. So your mind is where the power or strength lies. Your mind receives information from your Brain(physical realm) and sends to your spirit(unseen or spiritual realm) and the same mind receives from the spirit(unseen) and sends to your body(reality). This is what makes your mind very powerful, the ability to be dual citizen in both realms(world). So it intersect and dissect information from both realms and decides what to do with it before transferring the information to any of the other entities(body or spirit). This the singular reason why your mind is more smarter and confident than your physical sense.

THE MIND PERSON sees from both worlds, it sees more than it speaks. In the mind, information and words are interpreted as pictures and images. Example; when you are discussing with someone,when they feel they understood you,they will say “Oh i see” meanwhile you weren’t showing them anything,you were just talking but their mind person is showing them the pictures and images of the words or the information you were passing to them.So stop seeing or treating your mind as just a feeling,start seeing or treating your mind as a person. Take good care of it.

Now that you know who the mind person is,Next week i will teach you on how to cultivate a healthy and effective relationship with the mind person(that includes how to make the most use of the mind person for maximum results). STAY TUNED!!!

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