BELIEFS and Values determines the fruitfulness and productivity of the mind person. For your mind to be fruitful, it needs to be enriched. And you enrich the mind person through exposure to knowledge, information, observation and experience. THE FRUITFULNESS OF THE MIND PERSON DEPENDS ON ITS ABILITY TO PRODUCE EXCELLENCE AND EFFECTIVENESS.

Read this words slowly;

That your mind is enriched doesn’t automatically qualifies it to be fruitful NO!. An enriched mind can still be barren. So to enrich your mind is the first step to making it fruitful. Application is what makes the mind person fruitful. exposure leads to enrichment, but exposure doesn’t equal Application.

The ability to apply what you have been exposed to is usually controlled by your belief system. This is the reason why;

You will see someone who is not a christian, but has been preached to (the word of God) over and over again. The fact is; he or she has been exposed to the teaching of the word of God, and still finds it difficult to apply them in his life. Sometimes is not that they don’t want to, but the belief systems which they had developed makes it seem impossible for them to apply them. Because in order to apply those things they need to change their belief systems.


I remember the story of Dr Ben Carson’s mother (Sonya) whom because of her painful experience with her ex husband, who was a pastor, but was living a dubious lifestyle. She developed a feeling of absolute certainty (belief) that their is no God, because of her exposure to that ugly experience. But until she met this beautiful soul, Mary Thomas (a true christian). Who re-introduced her to a new dimension of faith, she demonstrated to her how good and loving God is; that encounter changed her previous belief and she began to implement what Mary taught her.

Another example;

I have a client who suffered inferiority complex as a growing child. As old as she is now, she still struggles with those. She has been exposed to so many knowledge and teachings on personal growth and development, still she finds it difficult to apply them. So i decided to work with her on her belief system, that was when the change happened.

The fruitfulness of the mind person is determined by its ability to produce excellence and effectiveness through those exposures. And the ability to apply those things you have been exposed to is dependent on the shift or change in your belief system.

One of the steps to changing your belief system is:


Develop a flexible approach to situations. Make your views flexible towards any given situation. Don’t see things worse than they are; 1. See things the way they are; 2. See things the way they could be;

One of the things that blocks our perspective is ignorance. Some of our belief systems were created through ignorance. Then the ignorance grew to become knowledge to us, and now we are shaped that way. This is why:

Henry David Thoreau taught; “How can we remember our ignorance, which our growth requires when we are using our knowledge all the time”.

Explaining this from a dimension; it means you need to identify your ignorance in order to grow, but when you have allowed your ignorance to grew to become knowledge to you, and you use it all the time, it becomes a belief. Then what chances do you have in changing your perspective when it has been blinded by your ignorance. Ignorance creates false belief.


Next week i will teach more on the steps to changing the beliefs that has limited you. STAY TUNED.

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