Integrity is an intrinsic value that attracts other values. A man of integrity can’t go unnoticed.


It is important we understand that you can never become a person of influence, without first becoming a person of value. Your ability to solve a problem doesn’t automatically make you a person of value, it simple means you are intelligent enough to solve that problem. The world might be looking for problem solvers, but mankind need and are looking for people of value. Some intelligent people are not people of value. Our values must reflect the principles or natural laws of life.

The world always measure values extrinsically, this is why; Even in the academic world, an individual value is interpreted through or by comparison. Example; An individual with an “A” is defined as more valuable than an individual with a “C”. There is no recognition given to the intrinsic values. Competition is a very wrong way to measure values. Many of us have been eaten up by…

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