The question about success shouldn’t be; WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? The right question is; WHO DO I NEED TO BE?. The value isn’t in the “WHAT”, but in the “WHO”. When you become a person of value, it is impossible for your “mind person” to be timid or dull.

Your mindset is the sum total of your ideologies, your belief systems, the factors that inform the decisions you make. That’s why environment, value systems, awareness affects the mindset. Values are intensionally acquired. The process of acquiring values rewards your mind person.

The reason I said your values sharpens your mindset is; Your belief system determines how developed your mindset can be. Also your belief system in some cases determines the values you exhibit. Example; some individuals see obedience as modern day slavery. They don’t consider it a value. But values are based on natural principles, which exist with or without us. Our mindsets are sum total of our ideologies, which means it is personal and it can be changed. But principles are generally accepted natural laws which can not be changed.

So when you adopt intrinsic values and live by them, it becomes an ideology and it affects your mindset. GREAT VALUES SHARPENS YOUR MINDSET. Your ability to be successful in life is dependent on two major things “mindset and character”. So values doesn’t only govern your character, but they also influences your mindset. Remember that value is in the “WHO” and not in the “WHAT”. VALUES MAKES YOU BECOME, AND THERE IS NO BECOMING WITHOUT THE MINDSET.

Today I challenge you to start adopting principled – based values in your life and observe how your mindset will be transformed. We all know the powerful role our mindsets play in the pursuit of our missions or visions in life. In fact; it is impossible to fulfill your mission or actualize your visions without a great mindset. So one of the cheapest way to develop or build a great mindset is by adopting great values.

EXAMPLE; When you acquire patience as an intrinsic value, it helps sharpen your mind to develop different perspectives and understanding towards people and situations in life.

So today, right now; make that decision to start gaining the principled – based values. Use the things you learned from the past weeks—> “BECOMING A PERSON OF VALUE”, “SECRETS TO BECOMING A PERSON OF VALUE”, AND THEN “HOW VALUES SHARPENS YOUR MINDSET”. Apply them in your daily life, you will be amazed the person you will become. There is so much greatness in becoming a person of value.



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  • This point in particular just gave me answer to issues i have always had with colleagues, (some individuals see obedience as modern day slavery) been obedient is not slavery but a display of value.. God bless you for this insight and teaching


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