The first step to trusting yourself psychologically and gaining psychological safety is HONESTY TO ONESELF. The second is the believe and commitment to serve and advance a purpose greater than self. There are many other ways to develop psychological trust and safety, but I want to buttress on this two steps for now. And please note this; As easy as this steps may seem or sound, it’s not an easy thing to do. It requires courage and sacrifice.

It’s so much easier to have or develop physical safety than Psychological safety, and without safety you can’t trust. Most of the harms that people experience in life is triggered psychologically first. The immune system of the mental state is been neglected and let down, and when that happens for a certain period of time, it extends and exposes the physical self to danger. For instance; Most of the depression that is not caused by organ dysfunction, is as a result of accumulated ugly, fearful and life threatening events. Those events will keep weakening the mental immune system, until it loses its safeness, and the ability to trust yourself psychologically will be broken. And that will extend to threatening and affecting your physical self and behavior.

Let’s get back to the First Step; HONESTY TO SELF; It takes courage to be completely honest to yourself. Because this involves acknowledging and accepting your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This means knowing when to seek for help, knowing when to walk away from that relationship, knowing when to say NO, knowing when to go after what lights you up, knowing when to acquire more knowledge. Being honest to self helps you develop confidence and sense of trust and safety. To be honest to yourself requires you to face your fears. And It’s not an easy thing to face your fears, but sometimes behind those fence of fears lies your breakthrough that will strengthen your mental immunity. Honesty to self leads to self awareness and discovery, and self discovery can be adventurous, scary, intriguing, or, and pleasant. Self discovery is the first tool required to lead a successful life. I want you to challenge yourself today, to start being intentional about telling yourself the truth always. This will launch you into deeper intimacy with yourself, and the ability for you to trust yourself, and feel safe psychologically will increase. When this happens you will be amazed how successful you will become in life, and most importantly how people around you will feel safe psychologically.


Next week I will teach on the second step for developing psychological safety and trust, please stay tuned.

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