There Comes the 4yrs old Jimmy, and he said to his Mama, Mom why can’t I have this type of bike that Anthony has, Anthony is their neighbor’s son. Jimmy went on and complained; I only get to sit in the back your car Mom, why can’t I have that bike, I want one. Jimmy’s mom looking at her poor child, innocently ignorant of what he is asking for, She said; Okay honey I will get you a bike, but you have to give Mama a few days okay? And with excitement Jimmy exclaimed, Okay Mom! I love you..

Five days after this conversation, Ruth, Jimmy’s mom came home with a nice little bike, very beautiful for a four year old, Jimmy was excited but that wasn’t the type of bike he was expecting, so that excitement lasted only for a few days. Jimmy went back to fussing and complaining, Mom why is my bike not as Anthony’s bike? His bike is bigger and has bigger tires, I don’t like this one anymore, please mom can you go change it, I want that one, pointing out at Anthony from their window. His mom looked at him, took a deep breath, how can I explain this to a four year old, after a brief thought, she said okay honey, I will get you that bike, Pointing out also to the same window. But before I do that, me and you will go visit some friends okay? Jimmy again with excitement, shouted, okay mom! Thank you.

The brief thought she had was, instead of explaining to her son why he can’t have that type of bike, it’s better to show him. Then two days later Jimmy’s mom took him to a Disability and Care Work center for kids, an institution where disabled kids are cared for, some were born that way, others was as a result of some medical issues and injuries. On getting to the place, Jimmy, very inquisitive, saw a lot of kids with the same type of bike like Anthony’s, he asked his mom; why does all these kids have the same kind of bike like Anthony’s? Are we here to get one? Are they the friends you talked about mom? With all these questions, the only thing going through Ruth’s head was GRATITUDE, Here she was being grateful to God for having a child that didn’t need that type of bike, and here is Jimmy wanting to be like them, not from a place of compassion, but because he wants a bike. The bike that Jimmy has always wanted and complained about was actually a WheelChair.

The question is; How many times have we been like Jimmy in our lives? How many times have we because of our ignorance, jealousy, discontentment neglect people, conditions, situations that needed our act of kindness and show of empathy. Many times we are caught up way over our head with unnecessary things, that we become blind to opportunities presented before us to express empathy. Jimmy might be a four year old, but there’s a great lesson to learn in this story. “Sometimes empathy doesn’t come through the face of care, sympathy and love, sometimes it comes through a hard lesson that is learned through discontentment, jealousy, strife and covetousness”.

Being empathetic is a journey, we journey towards it. Empathy is a virtue, a virtue worth possessing, it is a value, a value worth having. No man can stand and tell you all the advantages of “EMPATHY”. Empathy is golden, it heals, it comforts, it transforms, it cures. In your own little way, show empathy to people, to conditions, and to situations, give it willingly, and receive it gratefully. After Jimmy’s mom showed him, that those kids use that type of bike because they can’t use their legs, Jimmy had compassion, he asked the mom to permit him to go help push Anthony around on his wheelchair anytime he had the chance, he still does that till date. When he sees Anthony now, he no longer sees the bike, rather he sees someone who needs his help. Let’s not allow our strife, ego, discontentment to blind us from actually helping those who truly need our help.

Also let us remember all the children with Disabilities, let us pray for them, love them, show them empathy and offer help in every possible way. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

Some of the Charity Organization for disabled kids;


FYI, None of this organization paid me for this, so this is not a paid ad, you can also search for any organization of your choice. I listed these ones incase anybody interested is looking for a charity organization to support. Thank You, Stay tuned and I will see you again next week.

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