There must come a time in our lives that we need to step down from excitement to commitment. Just like the excitement of a wedding, doesn’t equal the commitment of the marriage. Just like the excitement of graduation, doesn’t equal the commitment that will bring success. The excitement of one win, doesn’t equal the commitment that will lead to another win. Learning the line between excitement and commitment is undeniably important.


The word “Tomb” means a house, chamber or vault for the dead. But the original purpose of a tomb was to protect the dead and provide the deceased with a dwelling, equipped with necessities for the afterlife. So Tomb actually means a place where you design and protect what you need for the next phase of life. With this little explanation; In your own perspective, what comes to mind when you hear the word “Tomb Of Commitment” Please I want you to stop reading right now and write your thoughts down about this word. I want you to do this because we are aiming to achieve something valuable here.


Commitment on the other hand is not just the state of being dedicated to a cause or pledging to do something in the future. Commitment is NOW, it is not a state, because state changes. Our states, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, physical and even socially changes, but NOW doesn’t change, NOW is NOW, what changes is what you do with NOW, not NOW itself. So in order to understand very well what commitment means, it has to be drawn from NOW, not from the changeable states of a human being. Commitment is seen, not promised. Your daily activities in the NOW, defines your commitment. You don’t say; “Am committed to building a great future” No! You do in the NOW what will create a great future. But if you choose to say it; it may go like this; “Am committed in doing NOW what will build me a great future”. The difference between this two statements is; The first statement is made in a particular state of mind or consciousness, which can change tomorrow, but the later statement is made with intentionality to observe the NOW and do and create in the NOW. You don’t say it to satisfy your ego or feelings at a given time, rather you say it and do it even when the feeling is not there, that is commitment, it’s not controlled by state, it is seen in the NOW, notwithstanding the state or feeling.


Tomb of Commitment simply means the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical and social chambers designed to nurture and protect the characters or the doings in the NOW that will launch one successfully into the next stage of life. There’re many tools needed to build this Tomb or chamber, one of such tools is discipline. But we are not going to go deep into that today. My assignment today is to help you understand that Commitment is not promised, and it’s not built on hope. Commitment is seen in our everyday lives, and it is built in the NOW!. I want to awaken your awareness on this subject to perhaps see it differently today, and understand it better in order to benefit from it. And I hope I have helped some of you achieve that. But you have to know that building this chamber is not as easy as it sounds, it requires work and strategies. I may teach more on that in my future blogs, but you have to stay connected to learn about the strategies and tools to build this tomb or chambers. So you need to go hit the subscribe button now, it’s free. Remember there can’t be a resurrection without a tomb. A lot of things happen in the tomb and those things determine the life you enjoy after.

Thank you for taking out your time to read this blog, I hope it added more value. Please stay tuned and also share to add value to someone’s life. I will see you next week.

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