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Truthfully speaking most of us shy away from complex situations because we’re disturbed and unsettled with the intricate environment and mental demoralization that it creates. Complexity has its pros and cons, but understanding the difference between positive complexity and negative complexity is the key to outstanding growth and organizational and social development.

Positive complexity comes with positive stress and ample curiosity. Negative complexity comes with negative stress and unsupported compromise of personal values and organizational cultures. Understanding the difference between this two will save you mental drainage and demoralization.

Shying away from complexity doesn’t make you smart, rather understanding the thin line between the two types of complexity will set you apart. I would also love to mention that through positive complexity is absolute clarity gained. Clarity is power they say, but not an excuse to only attempt the familiar and live a mundane life.

It’s complex for babies to learn how to walk and talk, because both tasks requires the activities of the brain, muscles, environmental factors and external restraint or moderation. But am guessing with all these complexities, no one will wish for their baby not to walk or talk, because we consider it as part of their development and growth. Why then do we limit our own growth and development as adults by disengaging in complex situations. It’s stressful for a baby to learn how to walk and talk, but those are positive stress, and positive stress leads to growth and development.

The question is; what has shying away from complexity cost us? How many doors have we unintentionally shut simply because we disengaged from a complex situation without proper evaluation and understanding. Well, I can tell you my friend, it has cost me a lot. Several years ago, before I started creating contents, and before I wrote my first book, I used to withdraw myself from situations that seemed complex. I used to overthink it, and then give myself a million and one reason why I can’t do it, why I’m not meant for this, but in reality, I was just escaping the complexity and the work that is required. Thank God that I had many mentors and friends who pushed and encouraged me. Even with all my personal growth journey, I still needed that change of mentality on how to perceive and approach complex situations. I’m not there yet, but proud of the man I’m becoming.

My goal today with this blog is to maybe give you a little push, and maybe a change in mentality on how you see and perceive complexity, and I hope I achieved that. I can confidently and courageously tell you today that there’s a good side of complexity, but you can never find it if you keep shying away from it. Challenge yourself today, bring your total intellectual substance and passion into complex situations and you will be amazed what you will discover about yourself and the power that you possess.

Thank you again friends for your time, I appreciate and love you guys. Keep living strong and with passion.

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PERFECTION IS NEVER THE GOAL, PROGRESS IS. And progress has no finish line, but perfection does. Perfection is associated with a fixed mindset, while progress is associated with growth mindset. Knowing is the obsess language of those that seek perfection, learning is the obsess language of those that seek progress.


The biological nature of man makes him inquisitive, but not so very receptive to new information, findings and atmosphere. Increasingly daily, man search for meaning, but because man is unlimited, the search for meaning opens new dimensions of self that has never been experienced or witnessed before and sometimes could be scary. But am here to let you know that it’s actually okay to feel like you don’t recognize yourself sometimes in certain stages of your life. it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in the familiar. You are unlimited, and the quest to discover your unlimited potentials is a journey that never ends.


The texture and the fabric of your identity is designed specially for you, so don’t expect everyone else to applause your texture, they won’t, because they may not understand it. When you give up on your journey simply because you feel you are not been understood, you didn’t only disappoint God, but your identity and nature.

I once heard someone define potential as our unique path to growth, and that got me thinking real hard. Growth is an acceptable and familiar word for everyone, but the journey to growth differs for each individual. Although growth as a word is familiar, your path to it can be unfamiliar. This is why I said earlier it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in the familiar. Just remember these words —-> YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR PATH, YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP. Personalize it and say it till it sinks in.

You might be troubled by the pace at which you are moving, but ask yourself who judges your pace, what factors influences your judgement. Putting all these into consideration is very important before you get troubled by it. Here’s one advice I always give people; ” You may not be able to do all you find out, but find out all you can do and start doing it” The pace may not be as you want, but as long as you reach deep down in yourself and draw out your energy and passion and attach it to all you do, you will be fulfilled.


As I end this week’s blog, I want you to always remember this; the reason it’s called a journey is because you can’t predict all that will happen along the way, you can prepare for it, but certainly can’t predict it. And it’s part of that preparation that I offer this little piece to you and I hope it helps you in any petite way. Growth in every dimensions of life is a journey that never ends. So stop aiming for a destination, aim for progress, but remember; It’s your journey, your path, your craftsmanship. YOU GOT TO OWN IT!

Thank you again for your time, and I hope this blog serves you in any way, please leave us a comment. Let us know your thoughts and what interests you. Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday…



It’s Almost impossible to have in life what you don’t believe you can, although life might throw you some unexpected goodies sometimes, but no meaningful success happens without intentionality, you can’t stumble on lasting success, it’s consciously built. Growing up, we weren’t taught much about subconscious mind, only a few of us had that privilege, and am sure not one of them. We weren’t exposed to the measure of unlimited power we possess as humans. “All things are possible to them that believe” That’s what God told us, this means He already gave us unlimited power to create. And that power is embedded in our subconscious mind. But it’s unfortunate that when we don’t know the value of a thing, we won’t know how to use it effectively. Our subconscious mind has the unlimited capacity to bring into existence whatever we strongly believe. It works on auto-pilot, all it needs is what to work with, give it what to work on or with, and you will be surprised. People that lack this understanding suffer from it, they allow themselves to absorb and entertain negativity and ignorantly feeding their subconscious mind with it and in return the subconscious mind will work with it and create it for them, bringing it into reality. Many times you meet people complaining, I don’t know why nothing is working in my life, it seems like the whole world is against me, and that’s all they think and believe. Now this becomes the raw material they hand over to their subconscious mind for production.

OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND HAS THE UNLIMITED CAPACITY TO PRODUCE OR CREATE WHAT EVER IT’S GIVEN. If this is the only thing you picked from today’s blog, it will transform your life in a great way. I want you to understand this; It’s not our subconscious mind that is the problem, it’s what we feed it to work with or work on. And the issue of what we feed it is where the conscious mind comes in play. Our conscious mind is the part that observes and interacts with our physical environment. It is influenced by our surroundings and that in turn influence what we think on the most, and remember what we think on the most tend to become a belief over time. Being cautious about what you allow and absorb in your conscious mind is the key to letting your subconscious mind create the life you truly desire. Every human desires a great life, but the question is; Do you think on those desires or is it just a passive thought? I call it a “decorative thought” those thought you think about only when you feel good. Do you think on your desires only when you feel good? and when you feel a little bit stress, you fill yourself with demeaning thoughts and negativity. You can’t enjoy the creative power of your subconscious mind that way.

When I began this journey to study and understand how powerful the subconscious mind is and how I can use it to create the life that I want, it wasn’t an easy journey. The fact that the environment I grew up in, was filled with men and women of fixed mindset made it more difficult for me. I had so many limiting beliefs, my definition of what a great life looks like for people like me was pathetic. The ideologies and belief system I was brought up in, made it seem like life has already chosen who will be great and who will not. As far as am concern, there’s already a clear distinction between us and them (by them, I mean the privileged) at least that’s what we called them. I believed that it was destined to be that way, I believed that no matter how hard I worked there are certain level I can’t reach in life. That kind of level has already been selected or predestined for the privileged whether they work hard for it or not. WHAT A STUPID MENTALITY. But I thank God, I broke those mental shackles, those mental paralysis. But it’s unfortunate that many people today still suffer those paralysis and are still in shackles.And For those people I write this blog today, listen friend, you don’t have to stay there anymore. I have tested life on that side, and now I am on the other side, and still going, but the truth I can tell you is, that life is way more better, sweeter, meaningful and fulfilling over on this side. You may not know it, you may not believe it, I didn’t many years ago, but don’t beat yourself up for it. Just know that you still will not know or believe it unless you make a decision today to leave there and step over here, and start experiencing this tremendous life. Is it going to be easy? NO, Is it going to worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!. Listen, your conscious mind may not let you, it will battle with you. It already has too many limitations and excuses why it won’t be possible for someone like you, it might even be telling you right now that you are not good enough for this, that this is not for someone like you, you are too old or too young, you are not educated, you don’t have what it takes, your past is horrible and so on. I want YOU to scream at it right now, SHUT UP! whatever it told you was the reason you can’t do it, I want you to rephrase that statement positively and say it aloud to yourself. If I can, you can period.

The creative power of your subconscious mind cannot be positively utilized when you feed it negativity and limitations. Wonders are born when your conscious mind and subconscious mind agree on a thing. “Can two walk together unless they agreed?” “If two agree on anything and believe, it will be done for them.” Now is not too late, it’s just the beginning of a greater life and future. Now you know the part to play, and your subconscious mind will take care of the rest. Start changing your beliefs, start being intentional about what you think and focus on. Start a 30 days challenge, where you will be more intentional and observe your thoughts, and keep at it, and watch how your life will change for better. If you need help with any of this, on how to get rid of those limiting beliefs and employ empowering ones, or need to know more about the function of the mind (subconscious and conscious) so you can make great use of it, You can always reach out to us @ www.merkuriusmind.com and we will be more than happy to help you. We are here to serve you, to be a shoulder you can lean on, to help you discover your path to greatness, so you can pursue it.

Thank you for reading this blog, we hope this helps you realize the unlimited creative power you carry inside you. We hope this will challenge you to take actions. Remember, at the end; It is action and not just decisions that moves us closer to our dreams. STAY TUNED, AND I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT WEEK.


Few weeks ago, I got an invitation from the Maryland Workforce Association to submit a proposal to speak in an event called (Raising The Bar) concerning some top issues affecting the productivity and wellness of the workforce professionals. And Holistic Self-Care was one of the topics on the top list. The Issue of Holistic self care is often neglected because most people think is unattainable. We know that self care is important for our overall well being, yet we pay little or no attention to it. And the reason is not because we don’t want it, but because we haven’t found an effective way to practice Holistic self care. In this blog, I just want to share some simple secrets that can help us practice Holistic self care effectively, so we can reap the benefits of it.

We have to understand that lack of self care can cause a lot of damages both in our personal and professional lives. Problems like; Psychological insecurity, lack of trust, low self esteem, anxiety, poor communications, toxic relationships, poor leadership and management and so on.. Can increase where proper self care is lacking.

The first thing in practicing effective Holistic self care is to believe that it is possible, practicable and you can master it. But then you need to understand that Holistic self care is not just about the physical aspect of you. Visiting the spa, eating healthy, exercising, taking a warm bath with salt water, going outside to receive sunlight and so on.. are great practice, but Holistic self care goes way beyond that. Self care is not scientific, it is a natural practice that enhances the significance of human nature. This means that self care starts from within before it could be manifested without. And to take care of yourself within, you have to know yourself — Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body.


Holistic Self-care starts with self realization, because you can’t truly care for what you don’t know yet. And in your journey of self realization, these four things will help you achieve it; AWARENESS (inner Awakening), INTENTIONALITY, EMPATHY, and GRATITUDE. You can’t discover certain version of yourself without these four things. These four words are broader than you think, am not going to dive deeper into them now, but I might do that on my next blog so watch out for it. I just need you to take note of the four things, because without these four things your journey into self realization and discovery will be futile. The next stage after self realization is; you have to know your spirit, and you have to know how to take care of your spirit. It is important to note that we are spirits, that have a soul and lives in a body. So if you develop a self care plan that targets only your soul and body without your spirit, you still wouldn’t find true peace. Because holistic self care consists of the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Lifestyle in general. I believe this is a very important point to note, you can’t be able to know and care for your spirit, without connecting to your source or to the power that created you. And by that I mean GOD. I am a Christian, although am not here to preach religion, but I believe in God and in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Before I go further, I want to register this six points in our hearts;

  1. The practice of self care begins with your mind, this means you must learn to observe and control your thoughts.
  2. To practice holistic self care effectively, you must connect to your source or to the power that created you.
  3. You must understand the truth that you are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body, so you have to know your spirit.
  4. You can’t practice self care without self love.
  5. Self care is not an activity, there are values and high energy emotions that help in practicing it effectively.
  6. You can not enjoy the full benefit of self care when it’s not extended to others, because you are one with all humanity.

I remember towards the end of 2020, I encountered a devastating situation that badly affected me, spiritually, Emotionally, psychologically, and physically. I struggled for months, Until God’s grace introduced me deeper into these three things; FORGIVENESS, EMPATHY and GRATITUDE , I call it “FEG”. As I began to focus intentionally on these three things, I began to heal, the farther I go, the more I gain wholeness. I decided to not just focus on them, but live them and become them. And everything changed, not just healing and wholeness, but more doors of opportunities to serve and impact lives began to open.

The issue of self care is very important, you wouldn’t know what you are missing in your life, until you begin practicing it effectively and make it a lifestyle. I just shared two major things today; self realization and knowing your spirit. Find the best way to get to know your spirit, it can be through meditation, worship, quiet time, reflection etc.. just find the way that works best for you. Next week I will share more on the Emotional, Psychological and Social aspect of self care, so you need to subscribe now so you get notifications once we publish. You can also share this blog to help and encourage someone out there. Thank You.

I will close on this note; during the ordeal I experienced towards the end of last year, One of the three things that I focused on which I mentioned before on this blog was “forgiveness” and it helped me greatly. But I came across a passage from “A Course In Miracles” by Helen Schucman on forgiveness that changed my life, and I thought I should share it here with you.

“Do you want peace? forgiveness offers it. Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world”?

Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed, a gentleness that can never be hurt, a deep abiding comfort and a rest so perfect it can never be upset? All this forgiveness offers you”.

Please just read those passage again and again till it sink, that is the definition of Holistic Self Care. STAY TUNED, I WILL SEE YOU NEXT WEEK. THANK YOU.


There must come a time in our lives that we need to step down from excitement to commitment. Just like the excitement of a wedding, doesn’t equal the commitment of the marriage. Just like the excitement of graduation, doesn’t equal the commitment that will bring success. The excitement of one win, doesn’t equal the commitment that will lead to another win. Learning the line between excitement and commitment is undeniably important.


The word “Tomb” means a house, chamber or vault for the dead. But the original purpose of a tomb was to protect the dead and provide the deceased with a dwelling, equipped with necessities for the afterlife. So Tomb actually means a place where you design and protect what you need for the next phase of life. With this little explanation; In your own perspective, what comes to mind when you hear the word “Tomb Of Commitment” Please I want you to stop reading right now and write your thoughts down about this word. I want you to do this because we are aiming to achieve something valuable here.


Commitment on the other hand is not just the state of being dedicated to a cause or pledging to do something in the future. Commitment is NOW, it is not a state, because state changes. Our states, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, physical and even socially changes, but NOW doesn’t change, NOW is NOW, what changes is what you do with NOW, not NOW itself. So in order to understand very well what commitment means, it has to be drawn from NOW, not from the changeable states of a human being. Commitment is seen, not promised. Your daily activities in the NOW, defines your commitment. You don’t say; “Am committed to building a great future” No! You do in the NOW what will create a great future. But if you choose to say it; it may go like this; “Am committed in doing NOW what will build me a great future”. The difference between this two statements is; The first statement is made in a particular state of mind or consciousness, which can change tomorrow, but the later statement is made with intentionality to observe the NOW and do and create in the NOW. You don’t say it to satisfy your ego or feelings at a given time, rather you say it and do it even when the feeling is not there, that is commitment, it’s not controlled by state, it is seen in the NOW, notwithstanding the state or feeling.


Tomb of Commitment simply means the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical and social chambers designed to nurture and protect the characters or the doings in the NOW that will launch one successfully into the next stage of life. There’re many tools needed to build this Tomb or chamber, one of such tools is discipline. But we are not going to go deep into that today. My assignment today is to help you understand that Commitment is not promised, and it’s not built on hope. Commitment is seen in our everyday lives, and it is built in the NOW!. I want to awaken your awareness on this subject to perhaps see it differently today, and understand it better in order to benefit from it. And I hope I have helped some of you achieve that. But you have to know that building this chamber is not as easy as it sounds, it requires work and strategies. I may teach more on that in my future blogs, but you have to stay connected to learn about the strategies and tools to build this tomb or chambers. So you need to go hit the subscribe button now, it’s free. Remember there can’t be a resurrection without a tomb. A lot of things happen in the tomb and those things determine the life you enjoy after.

Thank you for taking out your time to read this blog, I hope it added more value. Please stay tuned and also share to add value to someone’s life. I will see you next week.


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