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Hello Merkuriusblog family and friends, I’m so glad to have such an amazing online family. I feel so blessed for you guys support and love all through this journey, from day one till date. I’m so grateful and I appreciate and love each and everyone of you.

The essence of a family like this is GROWTH!. For everyone to experience growth in various aspect of their lives; personally, careers, businesses, relationships, psychologically, mentally, socially and lifestyle in general. This is why I continue to share innovative strategies, insights and wisdom to help us achieve that.

After some research, I took my time to prepare and create this invaluable online course that will help us end this year in a very high note and kick start the new year with so much confidence, enthusiasm, positive energy and practical skillset to crush our goals and enjoy meaningful success in life.

The first time i was invited for keynote speaking, I was nervous but still had the courage to speak, it wasn’t my best performance but I was proud of myself. 

I was in a very good place in life then, sound and happy. I was taking care of myself spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and every other way. 

I discovered that courage is not the absence of nervousness. But few years later, life hit me and my family so hard that I lost the sense of how important it is to prioritize self care and that made me lack the ability to take care of myself as I should.

All I focused on was the health challenge, financial difficulties and the sadness of each day. I was consumed by this ugly life experience. But one thing I did was, I never stopped learning and studying, I was still taking courses, reading books, going to seminars and gaining more knowledge and wisdom and yet I feel less confident day after day. 

Until I realized what was missing, I was still struggling with confidence and productivity with all my knowledge.

If you have ever been in such situation, or you are in such situation right now, worry no more the solution is here. In this course are simple and yet very powerful practices and ways of boosting your confidence and becoming more productive and very effective both in your personal and professional life. 

All you need is just to click the link below and sign up for this course. There are other bonuses that you will enjoy as well. Remember your commitment can take you to levels you never imagined, you can show your commitment by signing up and also by signing up, you are supporting and helping us to spread positivity and make a difference in our world.


Click the link and sign up now and I will see you on the inside.

You deserve more in life! Repeat that to yourself. Say it loud! I DESERVE MORE IN LIFE!



Truthfully speaking most of us shy away from complex situations because we’re disturbed and unsettled with the intricate environment and mental demoralization that it creates. Complexity has its pros and cons, but understanding the difference between positive complexity and negative complexity is the key to outstanding growth and organizational and social development.

Positive complexity comes with positive stress and ample curiosity. Negative complexity comes with negative stress and unsupported compromise of personal values and organizational cultures. Understanding the difference between this two will save you mental drainage and demoralization.

Shying away from complexity doesn’t make you smart, rather understanding the thin line between the two types of complexity will set you apart. I would also love to mention that through positive complexity is absolute clarity gained. Clarity is power they say, but not an excuse to only attempt the familiar and live a mundane life.

It’s complex for babies to learn how to walk and talk, because both tasks requires the activities of the brain, muscles, environmental factors and external restraint or moderation. But am guessing with all these complexities, no one will wish for their baby not to walk or talk, because we consider it as part of their development and growth. Why then do we limit our own growth and development as adults by disengaging in complex situations. It’s stressful for a baby to learn how to walk and talk, but those are positive stress, and positive stress leads to growth and development.

The question is; what has shying away from complexity cost us? How many doors have we unintentionally shut simply because we disengaged from a complex situation without proper evaluation and understanding. Well, I can tell you my friend, it has cost me a lot. Several years ago, before I started creating contents, and before I wrote my first book, I used to withdraw myself from situations that seemed complex. I used to overthink it, and then give myself a million and one reason why I can’t do it, why I’m not meant for this, but in reality, I was just escaping the complexity and the work that is required. Thank God that I had many mentors and friends who pushed and encouraged me. Even with all my personal growth journey, I still needed that change of mentality on how to perceive and approach complex situations. I’m not there yet, but proud of the man I’m becoming.

My goal today with this blog is to maybe give you a little push, and maybe a change in mentality on how you see and perceive complexity, and I hope I achieved that. I can confidently and courageously tell you today that there’s a good side of complexity, but you can never find it if you keep shying away from it. Challenge yourself today, bring your total intellectual substance and passion into complex situations and you will be amazed what you will discover about yourself and the power that you possess.

Thank you again friends for your time, I appreciate and love you guys. Keep living strong and with passion.

If you need more push on this topic, visit our website to book your free session with one of our team member and we will be more than glad to speak with you.



PERFECTION IS NEVER THE GOAL, PROGRESS IS. And progress has no finish line, but perfection does. Perfection is associated with a fixed mindset, while progress is associated with growth mindset. Knowing is the obsess language of those that seek perfection, learning is the obsess language of those that seek progress.


The biological nature of man makes him inquisitive, but not so very receptive to new information, findings and atmosphere. Increasingly daily, man search for meaning, but because man is unlimited, the search for meaning opens new dimensions of self that has never been experienced or witnessed before and sometimes could be scary. But am here to let you know that it’s actually okay to feel like you don’t recognize yourself sometimes in certain stages of your life. it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in the familiar. You are unlimited, and the quest to discover your unlimited potentials is a journey that never ends.


The texture and the fabric of your identity is designed specially for you, so don’t expect everyone else to applause your texture, they won’t, because they may not understand it. When you give up on your journey simply because you feel you are not been understood, you didn’t only disappoint God, but your identity and nature.

I once heard someone define potential as our unique path to growth, and that got me thinking real hard. Growth is an acceptable and familiar word for everyone, but the journey to growth differs for each individual. Although growth as a word is familiar, your path to it can be unfamiliar. This is why I said earlier it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in the familiar. Just remember these words —-> YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR PATH, YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP. Personalize it and say it till it sinks in.

You might be troubled by the pace at which you are moving, but ask yourself who judges your pace, what factors influences your judgement. Putting all these into consideration is very important before you get troubled by it. Here’s one advice I always give people; ” You may not be able to do all you find out, but find out all you can do and start doing it” The pace may not be as you want, but as long as you reach deep down in yourself and draw out your energy and passion and attach it to all you do, you will be fulfilled.


As I end this week’s blog, I want you to always remember this; the reason it’s called a journey is because you can’t predict all that will happen along the way, you can prepare for it, but certainly can’t predict it. And it’s part of that preparation that I offer this little piece to you and I hope it helps you in any petite way. Growth in every dimensions of life is a journey that never ends. So stop aiming for a destination, aim for progress, but remember; It’s your journey, your path, your craftsmanship. YOU GOT TO OWN IT!

Thank you again for your time, and I hope this blog serves you in any way, please leave us a comment. Let us know your thoughts and what interests you. Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday…


A man looks at a situation and see a problem, Another man looks at that same situation and see an opportunity. Same situation, different views. What is the difference? The answer is GROWTH!

Permit me to say that without growth, it is actually impossible for an individual to lead and achieve a meaningful and fulfilled life. Growth is not perfection, I need you to understand that, growth is a continuous process so there’s no perfection in it. Personal growth is the essence of living, and personal growth is dimensional and in different phases. Put in a simple word; Growing is Living.

I remember the early days when I started my growth journey, it wasn’t all that pleasant, but there was something intriguing about it. It wasn’t pleasant because most of the things I knew and believed was challenged, it was intriguing because I started seeing other dimensions of myself I never knew existed or where there. Both experiences made it more interesting for me and I decided that am going to make it a lifestyle. Has the journey been easy so far? NO! Has it been perfect? Hell NO! Has it been worth it? Absolutely YES!

Growth has different aspects, the physical aspect of growth is somewhat automatic. Whether you like it or not, you will become a year older by next year. But when it comes to other aspects of growth, it must be intentionally enforced, it can’t happen automatically. This is why; When we grow physically we encounter so many experiences, but what we do with those experiences is a function of the growth we encounter on the other aspects. The other aspects we have; SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SOCIAL GROWTH. All these aspects when worked on intentionally, contributes to a better and a greater life.

ESSENCE means the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, that determines its value and character. It can also be defined as a property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is. I defined this for us to have a mental picture of what I meant when I said that growth is the essence of living. This means that our lives can’t be what it’s suppose to be or can’t be valuable and tangible without growth. The most common craves of every man which include; Connection, Significance, Certainty, Variety, Contribution, relevance, can not be ascertained and achieved without growth.

The issue of growth can not be over emphasized, and certainly can not be thoroughly explained in a few pages of a blog post. My intent is to re-establish the importance of growth and how it can help us lead a meaningful, happy, successful and fulfilled life. And I hope that this short read will help do that. I just want you to remember one more thing, that every other aspects of growth is intentionally enforced. There has to be deliberate plans to consciously work on them, it doesn’t happen automatically. But don’t let it overwhelm you, all you need is to seek for help, and we at MERKURIUSMIND, we are here to help you. I sought for help and I still seek help till date because growth is a journey that never ends.

You can send us an email at info@merkuriusmind.com, or visit our website @ Merkuriusmind.com to book your free discovery session, my team will be more than glad to assist you and make sure you are taken care of. Thank you for taking out your precious time to read this blog, we appreciate you. Please stay tuned and subscribe to this blog so you can get more of our valuable content anytime we publish a new one. God bless you!


I was sitting in a friend’s office few days ago, and this beautiful, young and vibrant lady walked in with a gloomy face, I guess she is friends with my friend. And she looked at my friend in the face and said; “Am so angry right now, am very angry at someone and I need to call the person to let her know that am angry with her”. I was sitting beside my friend in a brown leather chair, very soft and comfortable. And I didn’t say one word yet, so my friend looked at her and said, I don’t think is a good idea for you to call her right now (talking about the lady that got her angry) and I just nodded my head in agreement, and said slowly; yeah, I don’t think is a good idea too.

She insisted that she wants to call her, I can see she was boiling inside, and wants to drop the bomb, her face was almost red. So my friend applied a little bit pressure with his opinion of how it’s not a good idea especially right now. He went ahead to say, I don’t think you are in the right state of mind for that kind of conversation, you are very angry right now and might not be in control of your emotions and the words that might come out from your mouth. I suggest you give it a little time, so you can regain your calmness. I never wanted to say much, I nodded my head again and said I think he is right. She finally didn’t make the call, but all those moments, all I was thinking about was a conversation that can change and brighten the atmosphere in the room. Aha! HERE IT IS; I lodged in a new conversation about stress management, I was able to get her involved in the conversation, and that’s how she forget about her initial plight, at least for a while.

I will still comeback to this story, I just want to refresh our memories a bit about last week’s blog, we talked about the Spiritual aspect of Holistic self-care (you can visit last week’s blog for better understanding). We also talked about self realization (Awareness and Discovery). Today, we want to discuss the emotional, psychological and social aspect, because all these three are connected together.

Back to the story, it’s surprising most times how we unintentionally sell our emotions to others, how we allow others to be in control of how we feel, thereby affecting how we think. And the tricky thing is; even in those moments, we somehow convince ourselves that we are still in control. But let me ask you this; Is there any human you know that naturally wants to feel bad, angry, anxiety or depressed at any given time? Every human wants to feel good, experience happiness, peace and joy at all times. So when we are feeling bad, deep down it’s not what we truly want, but somehow we try to convince ourselves that it’s normal and we are still in control. Now note this; you can’t really practice Holistic self-care without learning how to be in control of your emotions and thoughts. The young lady at my friend’s office said, she was angry because of someone else’s behavior towards her, this means her feelings at that moment was been controlled by someone else. The person was indirectly in charge of her feelings. Now because of what the other person did, it affected her that she couldn’t separate herself from her emotion, she said; “Am angry” not that “she feels angry“. These are different, “You are angry means you are your emotion (anger), “You feel angry means you have separated yourself from your emotion. You see yourself as a separate entity from your emotion, this is called DETACHMENT. Now, Between you and your emotion is the “feeling”, this means that you feel your emotion, not that you are the emotion. Since it is a feeling, it means you can change it if you can separate yourself from your emotion. When you feel a low energy emotion, you can simply change it, by choosing to feel another type of emotion (high energy emotion) and you can do this by re-channeling and re-focusing your thoughts on something else that can change that feeling. But I must warn you, this is not as easy as it sounds, it requires observation and continuous practice, but it’s achievable.

When you learn this technique, it will be difficult to sell your feelings to someone else. You will be solely responsible for how you feel and your emotions. And when that happens it means; you will learn how not take the stress of work to your home, spouse or kids, you can not take the heart break of a failed relationship into the new one, you can not allow an unpleasant situation that happened in the day to control your evening. You will learn how to take low energy emotions like; blame, guilt, despair, regret, anger, anxiety, hate and so on, and replace it with high energy emotions like; peace, love, empathy, kindness, gratitude, beauty, joy and so on.. This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel low energy emotions sometimes, it means that you can quickly withdraw yourself from it whenever you find yourself there. When you understand that you are solely responsible for how you feel and your emotions, then you will work hard to master it positively. Only Then you can practice self care effectively.

When it comes to the psychological aspect, the best approach is to educate yourself with books and materials on psychology. Becoming intelligent psychologically, helps you develop greater philosophy about life and also gives you global perspective. Psychology is all about studying and understanding your mind and how it functions. Knowing the factors and mental characteristics that govern your behavior as a person. This means you will understand the reasons behind your actions, and you will uncover your hidden mental strengths. This will help you to identify things and materials that are toxic to your mind and to avoid them. The great thing about mastering the spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspect of self care is; it makes the social aspect easy and effective. Socially you won’t be under pressure because you have peace within. You radiate what you have within unto others and that brings fulfillment and gives you relevance. You bring peace where peace is lacking, You bring love where there’s hate, You bring joy and smiles to those mourning and comfort to the distressed, and hope to the hopeless. The thing that sum this up is the ability to give unto others what you have within, Holistic self-care is not complete and effective without contribution to others. Connection is the essence of living, and true connection happens through sincere contribution and service. This is so because we are all one with humanity.

You see, when we work towards all those different aspects, the physical aspect becomes easy. It is very important for us to work on our physical body, but when we fail to take care of the main things first, it becomes a problem. Most suicides is not as a result of lack of money or poverty. Rich people who can afford any spa, hire a professional trainer, get the best nutritionist and so on still commits suicide. Why; because of psychological, spiritual and emotional distress. They feel empty, unfulfilled and lack of inner peace and meaningfulness. This is not just some blog to make you feel good, these are proven strategies that will help you practice Holistic self care effectively and make it a lifestyle. Is it going to be easy? NO, Is it going to be possible and practicable? YES! Is it going to worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!

As I leave you today, I want you to decide on the area you want to focus on first, you can’t do all at once, it will overwhelm you. I want you to focus on one at a time and give it a go with all you’ve got. Applied knowledge is the real power not knowledge itself. You wouldn’t know what you are missing in your life, until you experience the advantages of Holistic self care. Remember first thing, think about Holistic self-care, have a mental picture of what it means to you, hold unto that mental picture, focus and reminisce on it. Then you will start attracting the things that will make that picture possible and repel the things that won’t. Only then can you begin the journey and take on each aspect of your concentration. I hope this blog was able to inspire you to take action, you deserve the best and the best is what I wish for you. Thank you for your time, love and support, please subscribe and I will see you again next week.

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