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Truthfully speaking most of us shy away from complex situations because we’re disturbed and unsettled with the intricate environment and mental demoralization that it creates. Complexity has its pros and cons, but understanding the difference between positive complexity and negative complexity is the key to outstanding growth and organizational and social development.

Positive complexity comes with positive stress and ample curiosity. Negative complexity comes with negative stress and unsupported compromise of personal values and organizational cultures. Understanding the difference between this two will save you mental drainage and demoralization.

Shying away from complexity doesn’t make you smart, rather understanding the thin line between the two types of complexity will set you apart. I would also love to mention that through positive complexity is absolute clarity gained. Clarity is power they say, but not an excuse to only attempt the familiar and live a mundane life.

It’s complex for babies to learn how to walk and talk, because both tasks requires the activities of the brain, muscles, environmental factors and external restraint or moderation. But am guessing with all these complexities, no one will wish for their baby not to walk or talk, because we consider it as part of their development and growth. Why then do we limit our own growth and development as adults by disengaging in complex situations. It’s stressful for a baby to learn how to walk and talk, but those are positive stress, and positive stress leads to growth and development.

The question is; what has shying away from complexity cost us? How many doors have we unintentionally shut simply because we disengaged from a complex situation without proper evaluation and understanding. Well, I can tell you my friend, it has cost me a lot. Several years ago, before I started creating contents, and before I wrote my first book, I used to withdraw myself from situations that seemed complex. I used to overthink it, and then give myself a million and one reason why I can’t do it, why I’m not meant for this, but in reality, I was just escaping the complexity and the work that is required. Thank God that I had many mentors and friends who pushed and encouraged me. Even with all my personal growth journey, I still needed that change of mentality on how to perceive and approach complex situations. I’m not there yet, but proud of the man I’m becoming.

My goal today with this blog is to maybe give you a little push, and maybe a change in mentality on how you see and perceive complexity, and I hope I achieved that. I can confidently and courageously tell you today that there’s a good side of complexity, but you can never find it if you keep shying away from it. Challenge yourself today, bring your total intellectual substance and passion into complex situations and you will be amazed what you will discover about yourself and the power that you possess.

Thank you again friends for your time, I appreciate and love you guys. Keep living strong and with passion.

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PERFECTION IS NEVER THE GOAL, PROGRESS IS. And progress has no finish line, but perfection does. Perfection is associated with a fixed mindset, while progress is associated with growth mindset. Knowing is the obsess language of those that seek perfection, learning is the obsess language of those that seek progress.


The biological nature of man makes him inquisitive, but not so very receptive to new information, findings and atmosphere. Increasingly daily, man search for meaning, but because man is unlimited, the search for meaning opens new dimensions of self that has never been experienced or witnessed before and sometimes could be scary. But am here to let you know that it’s actually okay to feel like you don’t recognize yourself sometimes in certain stages of your life. it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in the familiar. You are unlimited, and the quest to discover your unlimited potentials is a journey that never ends.


The texture and the fabric of your identity is designed specially for you, so don’t expect everyone else to applause your texture, they won’t, because they may not understand it. When you give up on your journey simply because you feel you are not been understood, you didn’t only disappoint God, but your identity and nature.

I once heard someone define potential as our unique path to growth, and that got me thinking real hard. Growth is an acceptable and familiar word for everyone, but the journey to growth differs for each individual. Although growth as a word is familiar, your path to it can be unfamiliar. This is why I said earlier it’s okay to feel unfamiliar in the familiar. Just remember these words —-> YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR PATH, YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP. Personalize it and say it till it sinks in.

You might be troubled by the pace at which you are moving, but ask yourself who judges your pace, what factors influences your judgement. Putting all these into consideration is very important before you get troubled by it. Here’s one advice I always give people; ” You may not be able to do all you find out, but find out all you can do and start doing it” The pace may not be as you want, but as long as you reach deep down in yourself and draw out your energy and passion and attach it to all you do, you will be fulfilled.


As I end this week’s blog, I want you to always remember this; the reason it’s called a journey is because you can’t predict all that will happen along the way, you can prepare for it, but certainly can’t predict it. And it’s part of that preparation that I offer this little piece to you and I hope it helps you in any petite way. Growth in every dimensions of life is a journey that never ends. So stop aiming for a destination, aim for progress, but remember; It’s your journey, your path, your craftsmanship. YOU GOT TO OWN IT!

Thank you again for your time, and I hope this blog serves you in any way, please leave us a comment. Let us know your thoughts and what interests you. Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday…


Focus won’t get you anything, focus will get you everything. In a world where there’re more distractions than ever, focus has become a rare value to possess. Increasingly adversity, unforeseen circumstances and struggle for survival, recognition and fame has robbed our minds one of its strongest power, which is power of focus. We have all been a victim. But amidst all this craziness and chaotic atmosphere that we live in, some individuals still trumps in creativity, why is that? and how do they do it? You may ask. Before we go further, I want to tell you this short simple story;

In India, there’s what they call “The Mahabharata” It is an ancient Indian epic where the main stories and some of their histories were told. In it contained some ancient proverbs too. So there’s this story of a young man called Arjuna, and he had a guru teacher. He’s being taught archery by this guru teacher along with other students. One day the Guru Dronacharya hung a wooden crow, from a tree branch and then summoned all his students. He handed each of them the bow and asked them to aim for the crow’s eye but first they should explain what they see before they shoot. The first student approached with his bow and the teacher asked “what do you see?” the student says “I see the garden, the tree, the flowers, everything!” then the teacher asked the student to step aside and not to shoot. He asked the second student and was told something similar “I see the air and leaves blowing in the wind” The Guru Dronacharya went ahead and asked few more students and they all gave similar replies.

Now came Arjuna, as he approached with his bow, the teacher asked him “what do you see?” he said; “The only thing I see is the crow’s eye”. Guru Dronacharya said; “RELEASE YOUR BOW” and Arjuna hit the crow in the middle of its eye.


This story is very simple, but if we can reflect on it, there’s a great lesson to be learn. Arjuna didn’t just say I see the crow’s eye, he said; “The only thing I see is the crow’s eye” that’s a huge difference. In law there’s what they call “Willful Blindness” it’s a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping themselves unaware of facts that would render him or her liable or implicated. To Arjuna, he chose to intentionally be unaware of every other thing surrounding him, it doesn’t matter how beautiful they seem or look. Whether the garden look so dazzling, or the formation of the wind around the leaves is captivating, Arjuna cared about none of that, he only saw one thing the crow’s eye. He knew that he can still behold those things after the shooting right? Isn’t amazing that most of the things that causes us to lose our focus or serve as a distraction are not really going anywhere. They just present themselves as priority or urgent, thereby depriving us from doing the important things that actually moves the needle in our lives.

If you are wondering about those people that trumps in creativity, how they do it? BINGO! Here’s how; They adopt willful blindness, they learn how to be intentionally unaware of the environmental distractions, so they can listen to their smooth, calm, inner voice when it speaks. That’s how they give birth to their brain child and you too can do it, if you learn the act of willful blindness. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s very possible and practicable. It’s a journey and a practice, which I have employed and enjoyed for a while now, and I can tell you, it’s very profitable, as a matter of fact, it will help repel most of the distractions that will want to steal your focus. You need to understand this; Distractions will come, adversity will come, struggles and competition for relevance will show up, but in those state of bewilderment if you capture intentionally the important things, solutions will be born. One way to capture this is; you need to write down those things that are important to you, don’t just leave them in your head, your head can’t be trusted. That’s where all the fight happens. Writing them down will always give you an advantage, and you can always review them and edit them.


Another important thing that helps with focus is, Alone time. Create an environment that will help you concentrate and reflect. Alone time doesn’t mean loneliness, alone time helps you to reflect and meditate, but the environment in which it’s done is very important. Many are scared of being alone, they mistaken being alone from being lonely, others are scared to reach deep down inside themselves because of what they could find. Those memories, if you can’t face them, you can’t beat them. If you keep running, it will keep chasing you. You need to clear off all those garbage that has blocked or weakened your power of focus. Remember Arjuna said; “The only thing I see is the crow’s eye” He cleared off every other thing and he was able to shoot his target. Although it may not always turn out the way we want it, although we might not be able to shoot our target like Arjuna did, but with focus, every shot takes us closer to our goals and dreams. Another thing you need to watch out for; If you feel like you lack focus, you probably have a lot of fear. You think about your weaknesses rather than your strengths, you have more limiting beliefs than empowering ones, and those things puts fear in you. You can’t battle fear and focus at the same time. The guy would say, I don’t think I have a lot of patience, why don’t you focus on the other good values you have, I don’t think I can speak before a crowd, why don’t you focus on writing and creating content first, I don’t think I can write a book, why don’t you focus on recording your voice first. Like I said earlier, it’s a journey, the more we do it, the more we progress.

If you feel you need some professional help on how to maintain and retain your focus, so you can increase your productivity and effectiveness, you can always reach out to us, send us an email at Info@merkuriusmind.com or you can also visit our website www.merkuriusmind.com to book your appointment for free, my team will be more than happy to help you. We believe that you deserve to live the best life you desire, and we are HERE to help you achieve that. Our Motto is; Love, Serve, and Inspire.

Thank you for taking out your precious time to read this blog, we hope it helps you with your journey on focus. Please stay tuned.


The first place I came across this word “CHUTZPAH” was in Michael J. Gelb’s book; CREATIVITY ON DEMAND. Michael is a man I respect very much, he is one of the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development, and the author of the best selling book; How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. He is a senior Fellow at the Center for Humanistic Management and member of the Advisory Board for Leading People and Organizations at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. Michael approach in teaching about creativity and genius thinking is phenomenal. He has this unique method of helping you discover this Creative ability in you that you don’t even know is there. Among his many teachings and techniques showcased in his book; Creativity on Demand, this word CHUTZPAH among with many others striked a cord. But I want to talk briefly about the power of that word.

First, let’s begin with what is CHUTZPAH? Michael J. Gelb defined CHUTZPAH as “a Yiddish word that can be interpreted to mean audacity and nerve in the face of uncertainty”. The closest word to CHUTZPAH in English is MOXIE. Isn’t it very helpful that this word comes in handy especially with the uncertainties flooding our world today. Most times the meaning and value embedded in certain words can only be acknowledged or appreciated at the face of adversities in relation to those words. Consider saying sorry to someone who is hurt or wounded versus saying sorry to a friend who missed an appointment. The word “SORRY” wouldn’t hold the same value for both of them. To one it is considered a passive word, to another it is considered a healing word. It takes courage to maintain audacity in the face of uncertainty. It takes courage to lead when you are short of answers or don’t know the next steps. The world has shifted and it’s still shifting, “NORMAL”these days is whatever you make of it. Please I need you to understand the next sentences very well, you can go through it again if you need to. Today’s blog is not just about adopting CHUTZPAH as a lifestyle so you can face uncertainties. It is about you realizing that you have the power to choose to adopt CHUTZPAH or NOT, This means no matter what you face or go through, you still have the power to CHOOSE. One single mission I have here today; Is to remind us that although the world has shifted, although things have fallen apart, although what we regard as normal has been obstructed. Businesses shut down, Jobs lost, Loved ones taken away from us…. etc One thing we still have is the power to CHOOSE, the power to CHOOSE how we respond. That can never be taken away from us, we are creatures of choice, and that is our super power.

It is easy to forget about that power of choice when we are hit by unpleasant and unbearable situations. But am here to remind you, and to wake us up to that reality, that our choices can not be enslaved or taken away, the only person that has the capacity to enslave your power to choose is YOU!. Though you may not be responsible for what happens to you or around you, but you are responsible for what happens IN YOU. Isn’t it amazing that among all the creations of God, we are the only creatures of choice, we are the only creatures with the power to choose. And that made us very powerful. We choose how we speak, we choose how we think, we choose how we live… etc.. I believe God did that because he trust us, so let’s not disappoint Him. Whatever you have considered as a threat, disadvantage, unpleasant can actually be turned into an opportunity, advantage or even a weapon to help you become better version of you. All you need do is shift your thoughts and perspective, reconsider the way you view situations, choose to respond to uncertainties with boldness, choose to adopt CHUTZPAH as a lifestyle. Remember, you have the power to choose, it was never taken away from you. Make rethinking, relearning and unlearning a culture in your life.

Building and sustaining a culture that reminds you all the time that you have the power to CHOOSE is very essential for growth, progress and happiness. Your life is precious and valuable, so selling your POWER to choose, or given it away because you think you can’t BEAR that situation is foolishness. This will only lead to more misery and pain. I know one way or another we have all been on that rough path of life that seems to blind us or take away the reality that we have the POWER TO CHOOSE. And It’s not easy to regain that consciousness that we have that power of choice, but it is worth fighting for. Am here to awaken you from your slumber, Hey! you hear me, WAKE UP! NOW IS THE TIME, HERE IS THE PLACE. It’s been too long, not anymore, WE NEED YOU, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU, YOU NEED YOU. THE POWER IS YOURS TO CHOOSE..

As I leave you today, I want you to think about every situation in your life that has caused you to believe that you’ve lost control over it. I want you to write them down and think about it differently, approach it with different perspective, know that you have the power to think about it the way you want and how you choose to respond to it. Awaken that POWER OF CHOICE today, and make the most use of it, so you can experience grace, happiness, love and freedom. Like I said earlier, it’s not going to be easy, but I believe you can do it. But if you feel you need help please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Having a world free from MENTAL SLAVERY has always been my mission, so am here to help and it will be my honor to work with you..



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Acknowledgement; To a great coach and teacher; #michaeljgelb https://michaelgelb.com


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